First Fridays - Upcycle Dubuque
5:00 PM17:00

First Fridays - Upcycle Dubuque

Join Upcycle Dubuque for First Friday on the Central Curve. The Central Curve is becoming a artist and maker destination. Come by and see what we have been up to and help us celebrate the work of Elizabeth Heisler.

I have used art as an expression of my thoughts, visions of life, nature and my spirit. I Work at Hillcrest Family Services as a Nurse and have been able to share my art with some of our clients as a tool to express themselves. We worked with acrylics and the kids looked to forward to being creative.

Working with wire:
I love trees and what they mean to me and our planet. The lessons we should learn from destroying trees, the air we breathe, the animals that take shelter in them and just the simple beauty they bring.
I have been using wire and stone lately as a form of art, trying to capture a sense of where a stone came from, what trees might have lived on or around it. I find myself learning lessons from the wire that it might not be the path I have planned but the path it wants to take. A life lesson I suppose. Although wire is challenging, when I’m done and the piece speaks to me, feeling I was present under the tree at some other time, the sadness or emotion perhaps of the years the tree has seen and then destroyed.

Acrylics and Stained Glass:
I also love working with glass and acrylics. I have worked with stained for years; when the sunlight catches the glass at different times of the day it can change your mood, it expresses how I am feeling at a certain time of day. When the sun rises or when the sun is setting, stained glass will look different putting you in just the right mood.

When working with acrylics I have a feeling of being free, I have been working not trying to create something particular but to add color and see where it takes me. I can say when I get a chance to work with flow acrylics I feel like my spirit is set free, there is no explanation, it’s a wonderful feeling. I don’t feel critical, I don’t feel I need to be a certain way, it doesn’t feel anxious or down, it’s just simply free expression.

I will continue to learn and use different mediums to help express how I feel, my passion about life and the importance of the simple things that are so meaningful to me. I hope that as I continue with my art work those feelings will show through my pieces. I love to share what I have learned to others. I believe giving others the opportunity of art gives them an outlet to express their ideas, there emotions, bottled up fear, depression and anxiety. Art brings people together.

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DBQ + All That Jazz
5:00 PM17:00

DBQ + All That Jazz

FEATURING: Mama Tess and the Chain of Fools <Click through to learn more about them & stay tuned for video about the band!
COST: FREE to attend
Ice Cold Beverages and Made to Order Local Food Vendors will be available for purchase, so that means NO carry in food or beverages will be allowed.

WHY? Ever wonder why Dubuque Main Street puts on Jazz? As part of our mission to get people downtown to live, work and play, Jazz focuses on getting the neighborhood and workforce to PLAY downtown under the Town Clock at our low key networking event! Oh yea, and we provide LIVE MUSIC TOO! The hope is that once we get you out for the evening, you will stop on into one of the MANY downtown establishments to continue your festivities! We are proud to be kicking off our three part series with Mama Tess and the Chain of Fools! Mama Tess and the Chain of Fools features a group of 10 local musicians who have been playing in the area for decades. The band plays high energy soul, blues and rock cover songs, guaranteed to get you out dancing. The group features Andy Wilberding on guitar, Chuck Bregman on keys, Ken Kline on bass, Terry Stowers on drums, Jon Obe on percussion, Ron Dick on trumpet, Greg Blum on trumpet, Brian Enabnit on trombone, Bill Reichle on tenor sax and Leslie Shalabi (aka Mama Tess) on vocals.

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Millwork Night Market
5:00 PM17:00

Millwork Night Market

Summer is in full swing! Tons of produce, tasty food, art, and entertainment all night long!

This month the Dubuque Jaycees will have beer on tap from Big Grove Brewery & Taproom - Iowa City AND wine from Park Farm Winery for non-beer drinkers.

Music for the evening will be provided by Medicinal Purposes.

As always, Night Market is made better by the support of our community, from shoppers like you to local business sponsors. June's market sponsor is Premier Bank, Dubuque! Be on the lookout for great eco-friendly giveaways from Premier employees joining us for the night.

See you there!

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Landscape Photography Workshop
8:30 AM08:30

Landscape Photography Workshop

Improving Your Landscape Photography w/ Josh Kaiser

When: Saturday, June 8, 8:30-11:30 AM
Where: Hanging Rock, 916 Redfield St., Redfield, Iowa 50233 (41.585869, 94.199791)

Intermediate Level Class
Reserve your space at [You need to book from a desktop/laptop]

What to bring:
Camera with Manual
Boots or shoes that can get a little muddy in case the grounds are damp
Come dressed for the weather as we will be outdoors all morning
Bug spray may be a good idea as well

We will discuss, explain, and demonstrate the process of capturing quality landscape images, from what equipment and camera settings to use to how to arrange your compositions to maximize impact.

Participants will learn:
How to capture sharp images.
How to understand the Histogram to make the best possible exposures.
When a scene will benefit from HDR and how to capture multiple exposures for merging in post.

How to setup and capture images for merging and stitching a Panorama in post.
How do we preserve the planet we seek to capture!

This will be an interactive learning experience so be sure to bring your camera and tripod along for the fun.

The 7 ‘Leave No Trace’ principles
The Gear
The Not So Fun Technical Stuff
The Much More Fun Compositional Stuff

A portion of the proceeds and taxes will be donated directly conservation fund.

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